Stylish Coin for your Wallet

BIP38 password secures your private key

Sealed with Bitcoin Adress printed on the back for easy balance check

Every Coin is unique

Individualy lasered for you

Delivered directly to your front door

The Bitcoin Wallet with class

from 99€

Stylish Coin for your Wallet

BIP38 password secures your private key

Sealed with Bitcoin Adress printed on the back for easy balance check

Every Coin is unique

Individualy lasered for you

Delivered directly to your front door

The Bitcoin Wallet with class

from 99€


nd how do you store your Bitcoin?

Web Wallets are precarious for hacks and your Bitcoin are stored on external servers. An unnecessary loss of control over your investment.

Hardware Wallets are prone to waterdamage or can be exposed to electronic or mechanical malfunctions. If the USB-Port isnt detected correctly, the pulserate rises.

Paperwallets fade over time. Already minor tearing, water or fire Incidents risk your acess to your Bitcoin. Third parties can get acesss to these personal Keys without you noticing anything.


he Danger...

...if you store your Bitcoin on Paper or Hardware Wallets

According to a Fortune Magazine study from 2017 almost up to 4 Million Bitcoin are permanently lost already. The most frequent reason: No longer access to the important private key.

Short circuits, broken USB-ports, defect hard drives or just a short moment of negligence endanger the permanent, reliable access to your Wallet. And external influences like humidity, strong heat developments or scratches can lead to an immediate and irrevocable loss of your Bitcoin.

...if you store your Bitcoin Online

Webwallet have to deal with a complete differend kind of danger. Almost one million Bitcoin have been captured by hackers throughout the years.

The storing of Bitcoin at markets may be convenient and ease the daily trading, however it comes with great risks, as these servers are prime targets for Bitcoin thieves. There is no insurance or legal claim for compensation. If the hackers are successful your Bitcoin are lost. Using webwallets as a long-term form of Bitcoin storage is not a good alternative.


he solution: Your unique physical Bitcoin


he Seal

Additional security and easy balance check

After your Coin has been crafted and was successfully tested on it´s quality we then cover your engraved Bitcoin Key with a special one-time-seal. This seal offers additional protection against outside influences and prevents the scanning or photographing of your Bitcoin key from unauthorized persons.

Due to the specific structure of the seal it can not be peeled off and reattached unnoticeable. Every attempt at removing the seal without your knowledge leaves behind traces.

With the imprinted Bitcoin Adress you can check your balance fast and easy. Every customary Bitcoin App can be used to check the current value or to receive more Bitcoin.

The best thing: Upon delivery of your physical Bitcoin we also enclose a couple of Extra-Seals for free. If the original one gets removed you can cover the backside of the coin yourself and restore the Extra-protection.


andcrafted in Germany - delivered around the world

You order...

...your unique physical Bitcoin online.

We manufacture...

...your coin and manually test it's quality.

We seal...

...encapsulate and send the coin with tracking ID.

You receive...

...your physical Bitcoin comfortably via mail.


he treasure for your pocket


...the permanent storage of your Bitcoin comes with a great deal of risks. Concerns about electrical problems and the fear of hackers are a constant companion for every long term holder of Bitcoin. Scratches, fire-, water-, or simple mechanical damage from a single moment of negligence can put your investment in danger as well.

We give you...

...something back in your own hands. With your unique physical Bitcoin you have reliable access to your lasered, password protected and sealed Bitcoin-Key today as well as in 100 years and more. You no longer have to fear unpredictable events like waterdamage, fire accidents, short circuits or scratches and the threat of Bitcoin thieves seizing your assess has been eliminated.

Just 3 minutes...

...thats how long it takes to order your own, individual physical Bitcoin Wallet. And after being manufactured specifically for you we deliver it straight to your chosen address - of course fully insured, with convenient tracking ID and worldwide - without any extra fees.


...your Coin grow! With every added Bitcoin the value of the coin increases. Check the current value by simply scanning the adress printed on the seal on the back with every regular Bitcoin App (e.g. Bitcoin Checker for Android, Paper Check for iOS).


coin from is...

...the right choice for you if:

  • You're searching for a reliable and secure option to store your Bitcoin
  • You see your Bitcoin as an investment for the future and require a long term storage solution
  • You think about Paper-, Web and Hardwarewallets as too precarious regarding the many vulnerabilities
  • You want to differentiate from common Bitcoin Wallets with an individual, handcrafted rarity

...not quite suitable for you if:

  • Your focus is on daily, active trading with your Bitcoin
  • You own several wallets simultaneously and want to split your Bitcoin


rder the original now !



19% tax incl.
  • Real Silver, Handcrafted
  • Individually engraved
  • BIP38 password protected
  • Manual quality check
  • Free delivery worldwide
  • Delivery time: 7-10 days

In 3 minutes to your own physical Bitcoin – Here's how:

After clicking „Start your order now“ a window opens which allows you to create your own Bitcoin Wallet. Via input in the text line or movement with your mouse you generate a strong random value. Once you have reached 100% you will be automatically forwarded to determine a password for your Wallet which prevents your physical Bitcoin from being misused. Once you confirmed your password and the Wallet is created you can finish the order process with your personal information and a delivery adress.

!!! Please be careful when determining your password. Only you and you alone have access to it. We will never and under no circumstances safe your password at any time. Upon order completion only the Wallet details necessary for the laser engraving process onto your physical Bitcoin are send to our server and destroyed upon completion. Make sure to safe or remember your password! Without it you may lose access to your Bitcoin !!!



Keeping your Private Key safe is the most important part for owning Bitcoin. Below we listed the possible threats to your private key when ordering your unique physical Bitcoin and how we protect your from them.

How can I be sure that my password does not get transmitted to you or others?

The password and key creation process work independently from the order process. You can separate the internet connection, create and confirm a password, generate the protected wallet and just after that turn the Internet back on to finish your order. This way your password cant be picked off by us or third parties. We recommend using this method to increase the level of security for your Private Key.

How safe is the BIP-38 password protection?

The BIP38 encryption is the current gold-standard for protecting your Bitcoin. Given a reasonable password lenght it may take up to several centuries to crack your physical Bitcoin even when faced with a MCAS (Massive Cracking Array Scenario) which assumes one hundred trilion guesses each second. We recommend testing your password beforehand with the Haystack method.

If you are interested in advanced details and technical aspects of the BIP-38 encryption you can read up more about it here.

What if someone intercepts my package and photoghraphs my Private Key?

To reduce the possibility of unauthorizes access we deliver your coin with an already place intransparent one-time seal on the back, hiding your Private Key. Even when the package were to reopened the seal prevents third parties from scanning it.

Can the seal not simply be removed and re-attached?

No. The properties of the one-time seal protecting your Private Key prevent it from being easily removable. Any attempt in doing so will leave an easy to spot trace. It also can not be reattached once it is removed.

The seal of my shipping envelope was damaged/opened. Has someone else access to my private key?

When shipping around the world it can happen that your coin ends up in customs. Sometimes the officials open the package to check the content. You can easily check if your package is delayed in customs with using the tracking-ID. Once it arrives you should check the back of the coin to see whether the one-time seal is damaged or not. If it is off or visibly damaged please contact us.

What happens if people break in to your office and production site and steal the equipment used to craft the coins?

All our crafting tools are handled analoge and manually. After manufacturing your coin they are cleared. Unlike many modern high-technology devices we do not work with double-memory which could be readout.

I fear that I will forget the BIP-38 password, can I order the coin without it?

No. For your own Bitcoin safety it is only possible to order your coin with a BIP-38 password.

I removed my Seal to check the Private Key on the back, how do I protect my coin again?

Your physical Bitcoin comes with free extra seals. They have been blanked out specifically for the back of the coin. Remove the plastic from the back of the seal with a tweezer and attach the sticky side to the back of the coin. Leave the coin for at least 24 hours to allow the properties of the seal to have an effect. Do not remove the seal before at least 24 hours.



Your physical Bitcoin not only holds your Crypto safe but looks damn awesome doing so as well. Check out our pictures and videos and if you like, send us your own Bitcoin-in-action snapshot and get featured in the gallery!

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