Worried of losing your crypto assets (hacking or faulty hardware)?

Preserve your crypto assets with Coinplus SOLO. No electronics, no hack.


SOLO card in your pocket

  • Affordable, simple and secure
  • Convenient, put it in your wallet next to your credit card
  • Best way to offer someone a crypto account withtout going online
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SOLO bar in your vault

  • Premium and beautiful design that meets the golden ratio
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Copper, Silver, Gold
  • Perfect for the vault and long term storage
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Still not convinced?

Introducing Coinplus SOLO pro

1 account 3 SOLO Pro, in case of theft, loss, destruction or fraud, you're safe, you only need 2 of 3 to recover your private key


SOLO pro card in multiple pocket

Your secret is spread over 3 cards.

  • Most affordable crypto vault
  • Ready to use without setup tool for retail and businesses to accept crypto
  • Easy to share within the family or small organization
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SOLO pro bar in multiple vault

Your secret is spread over 3 bars.

  • Disaster recovery
  • Most durable custody solution
  • Process based most advanced Audit and Compliance tool in crypto space
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