Bit Elevation Litecoin Savings Wallets

Introducing the Bit Elevation Litecoin Series Savings Wallets.
These are unfunded and are 100% DIY cold storage wallets for your Litecoin.
These are highly limited for each denomination each with a separate serial number.
1 LTC – 100 Wallets
5 LTC – 100 Wallets
10 LTC – 75 Wallets
25 LTC – 50 Wallets (Available in the Fall of 2018)
50 LTC – 50 Wallets (Available in the Fall of 2018)
100 LTC – 25 Wallets (Available in the Fall of 2018)

The 1, 5, and 10 LTC Wallets will be available on 8/1/18. The price for these wallets will be $25 plus $3US/$5INT shipping.The 25, 50 and 100 LTC wallets will be available this Fall.  The price for the 25 and 50 LTC will be $30 plus shipping, and the price for 100 LTC will be $35 plus shipping.

For more information, please visit the Bit Elevation Litecoin Savings Wallet thread on the BitcoinTalk Forum.

Thank you for looking and stay tuned!

Introducing the Bitcoin Savings Wallet

I would like you to meet the Bitcoin Savings Wallet- a collectable, DIY paper wallet to store your Bitcoin. These make perfect gifts as well as great personal storage for the long-term.

Bitcoin Savings Wallets eBay Auction Results
Bitcoin Savings Wallets eBay Auction Results

The price of the wallet was determined by you- the consumer. In an effort to get a fair market price, Bit Elevation posted the first three notes, BTC00001, BTC00002 and BTC00003 separately on eBay in auction format. Each listing started at $0.01. After the dust settled, we took the average of the selling prices, minus 5%, which left us at $30 per note plus shipping.


A small pre-order was held on the BitcoinTalk forum where members who purchased the wallets had the opportunity to choose the serial numbers they wanted. This is a total run of 500 wallets.

And now, they are available to everyone!  Wallet serial numbers are first come, first served, meaning these will be sold in available, sequential order. These are available to both US and International. Shipping is $3.00 to the US, and $5.00 internationally.  If you purchase 5 or more wallets, shipping is free!


To order, pay the equivalent of $30 USD per wallet (plus $3 US shipping/$5 International Shipping) using your choice of the following cryptocurrencies. To get an accurate rate, visit Coin Market Cap’s Currency Convertor Calcuator.  Once you have chosen one of the below payment options, be sure that you are sending the funds to the correct address using the correct coin. Bit Elevation is not responsible for misdirection of funds. After you have sent payment, please email [email protected] with your Txid and your shipping address. I will confirm your order within 24 hours. All orders ship out the following Saturday.




New Bitcoin BTC Savings Wallets Available

I am proud to announce that the new Bitcoin Savings Wallets are ready to go! This series will have a total of 500 wallets.  The only thing needed is a price. I have decided to auction the first three wallets on eBay. After the sales are completed, I will average the three prices together and minus 5%. This total will be the price at which the other 497 wallets will be listed at, plus shipping.

This BTC Savings Wallet is printed on special paper that has been embossed with the Bit Elevation logo. This is a DIY wallet, meaning you print your own Public and Private QR Codes. The Public QR Code can be simply pasted in the designated area. The Private QR Code is laid face down in the designated area and the Authentic Sticker is then applied, securing the Code with tamper evidence.

The eBay listings can be found here:

Serial Number BTC00001:

Serial Number BTC00002:

Serial Number BTC00003:


Production Stopped On Verge – Series One Wallets

After manufacturing 20 Verge Series One Cold Storage Wallets, we quickly realized from respected peers that these wallets were insecure.  Our thoughts were to produce a wallet that was “turn on and go.”  However, we overstepped a major boundary with producing public and private keys for consumers.  That is a big no-no.

Instead of selling wallets that have the potential to be attacked and funds mishandled, we have decided to stop producing these wallets.  We have 20 of them on hand.  These wallets will now be classified as,  Collectables, and urge users not to fund these wallets.

These wallets will be stored at Bit Elevation and will go on sale as collectables at a later time.

Meanwhile, Bit Elevation has been hitting the design suite hard to come up with the right prototype to replace this wallet as well as a design for future wallets.  Our timeline to replace the Verge wallet will be sometime next week.  We also have a Bitcoin wallet that will be available the following week.

Thank you for your understanding


Bit Elevation XVG Verge Coin Cold Storage – Limited Edition of 99

Limited Edition Bit Elevation Verge Cold Storage
Series One – Only 99 Wallets Created
20 Available for Sale as Collectables coming soon!

If you would like to pay using VERGE (XVG), please click here.


All Public and Private Keys are generated using the Verge Random Generator.  Once printed, all Private keys are permanently deleted from the Bit Elevation database and cannot be regenerated to prevent malicious intent.  Public Keys are published online along with the corresponding serial number.

Verge XVG Cold Storage Wallet Coming Soon

After a small run of the Bit Elevation Verge Model Wallet Series, we are proud to announce that we have started production on the Verge Paper Wallet – Series One.

Bit Elevation Verge Wallet Serial Numbers and Public Keys

             Bit Elevation Verge Paper Wallet Series One

There are many levels of security featured on the Bit Elevation Verge Paper Wallet.  Each are marked individually with a serial number.  That number is also represented on the authentic seal.  The private key is masked by a hologram that can be revealed either by scratching it with a coin or by taking a small piece of tape and lifting the hologram.  The document is embossed with the Bit Elevation logo.  The paper used is a specific type that mimics other traditional currencies.

Bit Elevation is looking at a launch date of January 1st, 2018 for these Verge Cold Storage Paper Wallets.