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f*D Certified / Crypto-Card (Paper Wallet) / ALL CRYPTOS SUPPORTED




Certified Crypto-Cards – Finite By Design’s version of paper wallets. These cards are designed for “cold storage” of your cryptos or as a medium for gifting or selling cryptos to others. Each Crypto-Card is printed on 30 millimeter PVC cards (credit card size) and display the wallet’s address on the front and have the private key for redemption of funds hidden behind a tamper-resistant hologram on the reverse side. The private key is never exposed online and is printed on a dumb printer once generated and immediately inserted behind the hologram sticker with any residual copies immediately destroyed. I am the only one that ever sees the private keys and I am extremely cautious to secure as to allow longevity to my business model. Please see outline of private key generation process here:

Private Key Generation Process

Chronos Crypto Video Review


  • If you desire to use your existing address and a BIP38 encrypted private key, please select the “Customer Provided Address & Key” option and provide your data at checkout.
  • Also, if you desire a card for a crypto not listed, please select “Other” in the Address Option field and I will fulfill your order and add the selected crypto product line.


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