9-pack of 5″ ‘Ethereum Frontier’ Ether Bars (3 of each finish)


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(2015) limited batch of 300 individually numbered 5″ Ether bars (100 with antique gold finish, 100 with antique silver finish and 100 with antique copper finish) to commemorate stage 1 of the Ethereum launch, ‘Frontier’. As the Ethereum project progresses, subsequent unique batches are planned to commemorate stage 2 ‘Homestead’, stage 3 ‘Metropolis’ and finally stage 4 ‘Serenity’. Ether Bars are made out of copper/brass alloy that is plated with an antique finish in gold, silver or copper.The bars come unfunded but the customer can add a private key if they desire to add funds to the physical piece. Each Ether bar will come with its own f*D embossed Certificate of Authenticity. An area is left open on each C of A for the end owner to type, write or print their wallet’s address once they have assembled their bar.

5″ Ether Bar Specs:

  • 192 grams
  • 4-3/8″ long
  • 2-1/4″ wide
  • 1/4″ thick

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