Private Key Generation Procedure

Here is a brief overview of some security steps taken in creation of private keys for Finite By Design, LLC products (Proofs and Crypto-Cards). Please note that an internet connection is necessary for key pairing and network population, however, the private keys for f*D generated addresses are never exposed online. Private keys are only viewed once on our offline computer equipment (has never and will never be online), printed on a ‘dumb’ printer and then immediately destroyed.

  1. Download online client from source
  2. Launch online client to generate a new address
  3. Close online client
  4. Remove wallet.dat and put on thumb drive
  5. Delete data folder and uninstall wallet
  6. Remove thumb drive from online computer and insert to our offline computer (never has been or will be connected to the internet)
  7. Place wallet.dat from thumb drive into offline client (roaming folder)
  8. Open offline client
  9. Only at this point will I use the “dumpprivkey” command exposing the private key
  10. The private key is at this point printed using a ‘dumb’ printer
  11. All copies of the private key are immediately destroyed and the one printout is promptly inserted behind a tamper resistant hologram sticker
  12. The wallet.dat file is destroyed on the offline computer

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