Silver Series, 2017 – ‘To the Moon’


‘two bitcoin’ bars sold out
‘500,000 bits’ bars sold out
‘100,000 bits’ bars sold out

Production is currently underway. See production updates in the blog.

Kialara Coins are shipped un-funded with a balance of zero Bitcoins. Please do not load more than the face value to the address provided with your coin.

‘To the Moon’ Denominations:
two bitcoins‘ Limited Edition of 21 (serials 01-21)
500,000 bits‘ Limited Edition of 100 (serials 01-100)
100,000 bits‘ Limited Edition of 250 (serials 01-250)

Each of the three bars houses a piece of our actual MOON – sourced from world-famous meteorite NWA 5000. The ‘two bitcoins’ denominated piece contains a larger and more rare, crusted section of the meteorite.

Priority will be given to those ordering the three-piece SUITES, and the matching 500k bits/100k bits SETS, with sales open for these packages now. Serials will be matched for the Suites (3 bars total of each denomination) and Sets (2 bars total of 500k & 100k bits)

Bars that remain may be purchased individually (ungrouped) beginning March 7th at 12pm Pacific time.

Included in each bar: One troy ounce of .999 fine silver (NWTM), color-filled with 24k Gold Select, NWA 5000 lunar meteorite sample roughly 4mm x 4mm x 3mm, stainless steel enclosure with mirror-finish, two large & two small mineral glass crystals and steel retaining rings, public & concealed private bitcoin keys behind newly-sourced, tamper-evident holograms – ready at any time for the secondary market – as requested by many of you.

Screws are installed with loc-tite red and heads are drilled out for added security.
Bar measurements 3″ x 2″ x 0.3″ – similar in size to a slabbed coin.