DIY Private Key Procedure

The recessed area for private keys is 3/4″ round.
  1. Download a template from online to print 3/4″ rounds. (Something like thisĀ×6-sheet-5408_Microsoft-Word.htm?N=4294963707%204294965712&refchannel=17aa3ae5c1b72210VgnVCM1000002118140aRCRD)
  2. Print your private key using this template.
  3. Print the first 6 characters of your public key using this template as well (best to print repeatedly on 5 lines in the circular template so you are assured of the key being visible through the hologram window.
  4. Cut out the 3/4″ circles. (You can use scissors BUT, I recommend for a few bucks you buy something like this from a craft storeĀ
  5. Place the cutout with the private key face down in the recessed area, cover with the first 6 charcters of the public key facing up and cover with the hologram, make sure your public key characters are visible.
  6. Destroy any copies of the private key and load the address.
  7. Done.