Give the gift of Ether

Ether cards are 'physical ether'. They're a quick and convenient way to give ether, tokens, or other blockchain assets to friends and family, and a great way to introduce people to the power of the Ethereum blockchain.

Get your Ether Cards

Buy them here with free shipping.

Load a card with tokens or Ether

Load an Ether Card from any wallet that supports scanning QR codes.

Give it as a gift

The card can be redeemed using My Ether Wallet or our own token sweeping tool.

How Ether Cards work

Each card has its own unique Ethereum address, printed on the back in QR code and text form, and a private key, hidden under a scratch-off panel. To use one, simply scan the code, deposit some Ether or tokens using your favourite wallet app, and give it to the lucky recipient.

When they want to redeem it, they can scratch off the panel, and use their own wallet app to 'sweep' the funds into their newly created account.

Each unscratched card's security is guaranteed by a smart contract.

Buy now

Ether cards are available for purchase now, with free worldwide shipping and a minimum order of just two cards.

Ether Cards is away at DevCon3! Orders placed today will ship on the 8th of November.

Original Design

or pay in ETH, ETC or BTC.
Min order 2.

  • Original design
  • Gift sleeve included
  • Includes postage anywhere in the world

My Ether Wallet Design

or pay in ETH, ETC or BTC.
Min order 2.

  • Limited-edition design for My Ether Wallet
  • Super premium matte finish with foil logo
  • £0.50 from each sale goes to supporting MEW

Larger Quantities


  • Larger quantities available
  • Stock or custom design
  • Preloading available

Verify your Ether Card

Easily verify that you have a genuine Ether Card, and that a guarantee deposit has been paid on it.

Redeeming your Ether Card

Step by step instructions on installing a wallet and claiming your ether.

Using My Ether Wallet

Go to, and click "Send Ether". Under "Select the format of your private key", choose "Mnemonic Phrase". Enter the phrase on the back of your card, and click "Unlock".

If your card has a QR code instead of a phrase, see the instructions for redeeming a classic ether card.

When you click Unlock, you will be presented with a list of addresses and balances. The first address in the list (already selected) will match the one printed on the card. Click "Unlock".

You will be shown information about your Ether Card account, including account balances, and a form to send funds to other Ethereum accounts. You can also send tokens using "Send Tokens" in the menu at the top of the screen.

We highly recommend generating a new wallet - either using My Ether Wallet, or the client of your choice - and transferring your funds onto that account. Remember to back up your accounts!

Redeeming your classic Ether Card


JAXX is a multi-currency wallet available for mobile, browser, and desktop platforms. Instructions shown here are for OSX, but the user interface is similar on all platforms.


First, install JAXX on your device. The JAXX site provides instructions and downloads for each supported platform.

Creating a Wallet

Next, start the app, and when prompted, choose "Create New Wallet". After a short progress screen, you will be taken to your newly created wallet.

Importing your Ether Card

From the new wallet screen, click on the menu, select "Tools", and choose "Transfer Paper Wallet". You will be prompted with a confirmation screen; read it and click "I understand".

On the next screen, you're prompted to enter the private key. Click on the camera icon on the right of the text area, and use your device's camera to scan the QR code from under the scratch panel on your Ether Card. Once you have, click 'Next'.

Finally, Jaxx shows you the balance of your card. Click "Transfer to Jaxx" and you're done!

If you want to continue using your Ether Card as a convenient way for people to send you funds, remember to cover up the private key so that people can't see it.

My Ether Wallet

My Ether Wallet is a popular browser-based Ether wallet that doesn't require installation to use.

Creating a Wallet

Go to, and choose "Generate Wallet". Enter a secure password, and click the "Generate Wallet" button. You'll be provided with your new wallet address, and the opportunity to download the "Keystore/JSON file". Save this somewhere safe, and be sure to back it up. Make a note of your address.

Importing your Ether Card

First, use a mobile phone barcode scanner to scan and copy the QR code for your Ether Card's private key.

At the MyEtherWallet site, click on "Send Ether". Under "Select the format of your private key", choose "Private Key", and paste the private key you copied earlier, then click "Unlock". MyEtherWallet shows you a screen with your address and account balance.

Copy the address of the new wallet you created at the beginning, and paste it in the box titled "To Address". You should always copy and paste - never type the address, as it's easy to make a typo!

Next to "Amount to Send", click "Send Entire Balance", then click "Generate Transaction" and "Send Transaction", and you're done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ether cards come with ether preloaded?

No, preloaded cards are not available at present. You will need to buy a card, and add value to it yourself.

Will you offer more designs?

Yes! Keep an eye out here, or follow us on Twitter, for more.

What about customised cards?

Yes! We offer customised cards in quantities starting at 100. Contact us for more details.

We're planning to offer individually customised cards with your photo or image in the future.

What about encrypted keys?

We're working on other ways to improve the security of Ether Cards, and to expand the applications they can be put to. However, this may take a while, as improvements such as encrypted keys will require wallet support before they can be widely used.

How secure are Ether Cards?

We order in 'blanks' - cards with everything but the keypair printed - and print the keypairs ourselves in small batches. The generation process is done entirely in memory and streamed to the printer on a secure computer. You can examine the code for generating cards here.

The keypairs are printed, and then the scratch panel applied in a single operation using an IDP Smart 70 card printer. The black ribbon - which contains a negative image of everything it prints - is locked securely in the printer, which is chained to an immovable object. When the ribbon is used up, it's securely destroyed.

While we're confident in the security and integrity of the keypairs on Ether Cards, we do not recommend storing large amounts of cryptocurrency on them. Ether Cards are intended to be used for low value gifts and payments, and as an easy way to introduce people to the power of the Ethereum blockchain.

For additional assurance, we provide a guarantee: Some ether from the sale of each card is set aside in a contract account for a year from the date of production. You can verify that a deposit on your card has been paid using this tool. If presented with an Ether Card whose private key panel is undamaged, but whose account has outgoing transactions, or a card whose private key is illegible, we will refund to you from the guarantee account the balance stored on the card before the first outgoing transaction, up to a maximum of 50 times the amount of the deposit. We reserve the right to adjust the maximum amount of this guarantee as the price of Ether fluctuates over time.